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I get many questions at my office regarding dental implants.  So, I have written some of my own thoughts here for you, and I have added some information below that comes from the world’s leading manufacturer of dental implants.  This is an area of dentistry that is important to me, because we are in the middle of legitimate improvement to dental care, and a big part of that concerns our standards for replacing lost teeth.  With the health knowledge we have today and the techniques that are available, we simply have to take dentistry forward.  And I don’t just mean in the research lab… I mean dentistry has to go forward for you and with you in routine, practical, common dentistry. Dentistry, as a science and an art, is getting better every day and I want my patients to know the best care available.  Yesterday’s dentistry just isn’t adequate anymore…it’s time to go forward.  So, here is some information for you to consider when deciding how to replace your lost teeth….

If you are missing one tooth or several teeth, dental implants can restore your smile with a conservative technique that better preserves the health of your jawbone and other teeth when compared to older techniques.  In the past, we had to replace missing teeth by clasping a partial denture to the remaining teeth, or we had to attach a bridge to the remaining healthy teeth.  A partial denture feels big, bulky, and artificial, and attaching a bridge often requires unnecessary drilling on healthy teeth.  However, replacing your missing teeth with dental implants feels much more natural and preserves your healthy teeth.  By preserving your other teeth, you will likely minimize the costs of future dental service and you will be more likely to keep your teeth for the rest of your life.  

If you have lost all of your teeth, research indicates that dental implants can give you the ability to chew up to 10x better than you could chew with a denture, and they will give you a much more natural feel with less bulk, a rigid fit, and no adhesives.   Dental implants not only improve your ability to chew, they also help maintain the health and strength of your jawbone, because they prevent jaw and gum shrinking.  In fact, dentists and researchers are now teaching that preservation of jaw strength is one of the most important parts of my job. In the last 15 years, I have seen dental implant manufacturers make conceptual and design improvements that now make it to where almost everyone who has a denture can leave it behind and begin enjoying the benefits of implants …better fit, better taste, better appearance, better longevity, and better value.

So, while even today, tooth extraction is still very common, today’s dentistry gives us the ability to replace single teeth or multiple teeth in ways that far exceed what was commonly done in the past.  Implants are more comfortable, more functional, and healthier than dentures, and they are more durable and more cost-effective than bridges.  Moreover, because of the connection to overall body health and the improvements that are continually happening with dental implants, I believe that soon the replacement of missing teeth will become so common that it becomes the standard of care. No more gaps.  No more shrinking gums.  No more adhesives.  Today’s dentistry is moving forward.  

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